I’m still in my quest for interesting online courses, and today it’s time to review Secret Guitar Teacher website.
This is a website offering online guitar lessons, as you can imagine.

Its creator, Nick Minnion, has been playing guitar since he was a little boy (he started at 8) and has continued to play over the years.
He began teaching at the age of 15, helping his classmates to play guitar.
Over the years, he has was in many Rock and Blues bands. He also continued his teaching activity. For example, 1995, he created Nicks music Studios which could accommodate up to 200 students.
In 2010, he finally decided to focus on his online activities so he can teach as many students as possible. That’s when he created the Secret Guitar Teacher website.

Nick Minnion

Nick Minnion

The website mainly offers video courses and targets both beginners and advanced players.
The site gives access to two types of content: the “Download Deposit” and the “Online Course Room” sections.

The “Download Deposit” section allows students to download video, audio or even e-book courses on their computers.
The “Online Course Room” allows them to follow the course they want, on a specific subject, and gives them access to many resources like tablatures or tracks which have been studied in the course.

The courses are adapted to those who want to play acoustic guitar or for those who prefer the electric one.
Here are some examples of lessons:

  • How to choose an acoustic / electric guitar? With what budget? To play what type of music?
  • How to play by ear?
  • How to play tabs?
  • How can you train your fingers?

guitar robot

Now the most interesting part: what did I think of my experience with Secret Guitar Teacher?
If I had to summarize the advantages and disadvantages, it would be:


arrowSuitable for everyone

arrowVariety of lessons

arrowCancelable anytime

arrowLot of different styles of music



Too much content


Okay, let’s explain those points.
I liked the fact that the site adapts to the students.
Indeed, you can take a course similar to what you find at school with the “Online Course Room” section: you will follow a course on a specific subject, with lessons that should be done in a specific order.
But you can, if you want, retrieve on your computer all the content you are interested in (with the “Online Depot” section) and work as you wish.
The benefit is that even without any Internet access, you can continue learning (with your computer, or even on tablet or with a phone, but I do not recommend using your phone because that’s too small for working correctly).
And then, as I said before, they offer courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced players so everyone can find what they are looking for.

There is variety between lessons durations as you can follow a course of a few minutes, a few hours or even months. What I found particularly interesting was that if a lesson interests you but you do not have enough time to do it (or if you would like to learn a more in-depth lesson), you often have a few alternative lessons proposed to you. In addition, if you ever want to play a particular song or if you need help, you can contact them by email. They usually respond quickly, and they are very friendly.

As for payment, I was glad to see that the monthly subscription can be stopped or resumed at any time (which was cool for my review).
This allows not to pay when you do not have the time to attend the classes (we all lack free time unfortunately…). On top of that, they give the possibility to be refunded for 60 days without a question, so no problem on this side.

Finally, I was surprised by the mass of different courses offered. There is courses for all tastes contrary to Play Worship Guitar (that we had seen in my other review here) which is dedicated to worship songs players. In Secret Guitar Teacher, there are many styles like Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, Punk, and a lot more.
But this diversity can be a problem …

Indeed, it has so much content that one can quickly be lost. One is tempted to pass from one course to another, and you know that this is the worst way to progress… When one has too many choices, one does not want to choose and one wants everything at the same time!
You must therefore choose a theme and a specific course and work on it with a long-term objective.

In conclusion, Secret Guitar Teacher provides a large number of quality courses and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced players.
If you are like me and you like to do everything at the same time and often move from one thing to another, you will have to be careful and rather devote yourself on only a few courses to progress efficiently.
But it’s worth it and with this mentality I think everyone is able to reach a very good level with Nick’s website.



You can check the Secret Guitar Teacher official website by clicking here.